Indiana DECA

State Career Development Conference

March 4-6, 2018

Indianapolis, Indiana

The 2018 conference will be held in downtown Indianapolis on March 4-6, 2018. You will have the opportunity to meet and compete with over 1,800 Indiana DECA members from throughout the state and also meet important and influential business professionals. The SCDC is a time for you to develop your occupational and leadership skills as well as meet other Indiana DECA members.

After participating in competitive events during the day, you will participate in the evening entertainment including a concert, food and green screen photos.  Members will also elect new Indiana DECA State Officer Team who will lead us into another exciting DECA year.  

The Indiana DECA SCDC gives you the opportunity to meet DECA members form across the state, interact with important business representatives, and last but not least, compete for a chance to represent Indiana DECA at the International Career Development Conference, held in Atlanta, GA on April 21-24, 2018!

Conference Registration 

The registration fee will cover registration materials, entertainment on Sunday evening and conference administrative expenses.

Presentations using the internet:

Students will not be able to use the hotel internet for their event presentations.  You may use an internet aircard of personal hotspot with your own computer if you have one.  But we caution that it could be difficult to receive and maintain a connection due to so many people using cell phones while at the conference.  If you lose connection, you will not be given additional time.  Our suggestion is to save anything that you might want to reference directly onto the computer.  

Dress During the Conference - Dress Code

Business attire is required for all scheduled sessions and activities.  During free time, shirts must have sleeves and no bare midriff.  Shirts and shorts must be at least fingertip length.  No jeans (denim material), T-shirts, sweatshirts, flip-flop sandals, or athletic shoes of any form will be allowed during the competition or at sessions.  Delegates' clothing must be neat and in good repair in order to compete, attend the sessions, or be allowed on stage.  Delegates wearing any of these items will be send to change, before being allowed to compete or attend any conference sessions.  Please refer to the Indiana DECA Dress Code for more information.

Conference registration will start at 1:00 PM on Sunday, March 4.  

SCDC Schedule of Events - SCDC Program 2018


All meals will be the responsibility of each delegate and/or chapter.  There are a number of restaurants in the hotel and others are accessible via the skywalk system.  


Indiana DECA Policy requires all competitors stay at one of the official conference hotels.  Conference Registration will not be accepted for schools that are not staying at one of the official hotels.  Indiana DECA will be staying at:

    Indianapolis Marriott Downtown - 350 West Maryland Street, Indianapolis - 317-822-3500             


Location of Activities: All Conference Activities will be held in the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown.

Name Badges

All delegates (adult and student) must wear their name badges at all times.  No one will be admitted to conference activities without a name badge.  If a delegate loses their name badge, a replacement may be obtained in conference headquarters for $1.00 each.  Delegates will be required to show identification for a replacement name badge, or must have their Advisor with them.  


All students must be in their own room at curfew.  No chapter activities (meetings, practice sessions, etc.) may be conducted after curfew, even if it takes place in an Advisor's room.  Room service pizzas will be delivered 1 hour after curfew.  All advisors/chaperones are required to conduct room checks at curfew and patrol the floors of the hotel after curfew on Sunday and Monday evenings.  

Code of Conduct 

Each delegate, student and adult, must sign the Code of Conduct.  This form must be hand-carried to the conference by the Chapter Advisor.  Do not send them in prior to the conference. 

Voting Delegates

The role of a voting delegate is an important one.  Voting delegates are required to attend the candidate speeches and are encouraged to meet each candidate prior to the election session.

Conference Assistance

To have a successful conference, each advisor will need to assist with the conference.  All advisors will be pre-assigned by the chartered association advisor to work a competitive event.  All individuals are required to assist during their assigned time.  Because this assistance is important, advisors who do not assist during their entire assigned time, will have letters stressing the importance of their assistance and their absence sent to their school principal.  Advisors and chaperones much attend all general and award sessions with their students, to assure proper dress and conduct during the sessions. 


At least one (1) adult must attend and pay the registration fee for every ten (10) student delegates attending. Advisors and chaperones must attend all general and award sessions with their students, to assure proper dress and conduct during the sessions.

If a student needs to leave and return to SCDC for another school function the release of liability form needs to be completed and turned into headquarters once you register your members on site at SCDC.